Confidence Secret Agent 007!

Are you ready to have some fun?

Are you ready to go beyond enemy lines in the duty for queen and country?

Ok, ok I know I’m getting carried away – how about completing another confidence building exercise instead?!

Success leaves clues wherever it goes…

Success leaves clues wherever it goes. In order to get the desired confidence levels that you are after it pays to be a copycat!

Another word for this is modeling.

By observing and modeling successful behavior, i.e in this case people with high levels of confidence, you can pick up little golden nuggets of tips, techniques and the strategies that they use.

By observing how they walk, talk and act you too can take what they do, put it into your own life and get the same results.

Don’t believe me?

Try this exercise out over the next couple of days and see how you feel!

Your mission…

Over the next 3 days I want you to observe other people – pretend that you are undercover!

However, no newspapers with two eye-holes cut out are allowed!

I want you to observe all types of people - confident people, shy people, outgoing people, people talking, people being quiet, how people interact with each other.

Observe people who know one another, people who are strangers – the whole nine yards!

Look closely at what they say and do.

How are they moving their body?

What do they do with their head?

How do they speak?

How do others react to them?

Would you like to talk to this person?

Are they smiling and laughing?

Would you like to be this person?

Below, write down 5 behaviors and things that you have observed over the past 3 days that make you say :

I want to be like that!”






For your next mission, should you choose to accept it…

For the next 2 days, I want you to take just 1 of the 5 behaviors that you have written out above and I want you to act that way for the duration of those 2 days.

Pretend that you have been given an assignment (because you have!) to just act like that for 2 days.

That’s it, no longer, no less.

Pretend it’s a game.

After the 2 days you will soon discover the magic of modeling behaviors.

Then you’ll move onto the next behavior and the next and the…

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