Life Evaluator

The Life Evaluator

Simply print this evaluation form and write your score. Rank your current levels of
success in each area of your life. Use this as a foundation and baseline position
to start to increase your levels of success in everything that you do. (If the
sentence is true give yourself 1 point)

O I love my life and I am very happy
O I can’t wait to get out of bed every
O I spend my time away from work doing the
things I enjoy the most
O Everyday I spend time on me
O I love my days off and weekends – they
are fun packed
O I appreciate the little things in life
O I am living the way I want to live at the
O I don’t get stressed out easily and can
O I laugh a lot
O I am fun to be with
Happiness score out of 10 –

O I regularly save 10% of my income
O I have no money worries
O I have no credit card debt in excess of
O I have at least 50% worth of money of my
annual salary in the bank or invested
O I have a money plan in place for the future
O I always know what I am spending each
O I always know what my bank balance is at
any given moment
O I am financially knowledgeable – I know
about money and investing
O I have total control over my finances
O I am always thinking of ways to make
money work for me
Money score out of 10 -

O I love my career. I am fulfilled.
O I look forward to going to work everyday
O My career stimulates me and develops
me as a person
O I work to live and not live to work
O I know where my career is taking me both
in advancement and reward
O I have as much energy at 9:00am as I do
at 5:00pm
O In the main, work does not stress me out
O The people I work with are great
O My work environment is positive and
O I have fun at work
Career score out of 10 –

O My family life is fantastic
O I have a lot of friends and we do things
O I am close to my parents (alive or not)
O I have a best buddy
O I am close to my children; there are no
differences between us
O I get along with my neighbors and the
people in my area
O We do a lot of activities together as a
O The people who matter the most in my life
love me
O I have a good network
O I get along with people in the main and
can communicate effectively with anyone
People score out of 10 -

O I am a confident person
O I don’t doubt my ability to do a job
O I know my strengths and weaknesses
O I don’t have difficulty in saying “No”
O I don’t often think that I am not as good as
O I don’t worry what others may think of me
O I don’t expect myself to be perfect all the
O It’s not important for me to want to be
liked and approved of
O I smile a lot
O I am a positive person
Confidence score out of 10 –

Looking after yourself
O I take in exercise at least 3 times a week
O I lead a healthy lifestyle in terms of the
food I eat and I do not abuse my body with
excess alcohol
O I am happy with my appearance
O I regularly visit the Dentist, Optician and
the Doctors for check ups
O I manage my stress levels by relaxing
each and every day
O I have at least 3 holidays/breaks per year
O There are no outstanding issues or
problems that have not been resolved or
working towards being resolved.
O I do not chase my tail in terms of not
having enough time
O I regularly treat myself each week to
something I enjoy – clothes, cd’s, massage,
nails, hair, skin etc
O I regularly assess how I am looking after
myself and put a plan in place to improve
Looking after yourself score out of 10 –

Growth & Development
O I am constantly learning and growing
O I try out new things and activities all of the
O I make plans to improve myself constantly
O I know what my goals are and I am
eagerly and effectively making them a reality
O I enjoy variety
O I develop the people around me so that
they are more successful in their lives
O I have all of the tools, aids, contacts and
resources to make me a success
O I have a mentor who continually pushes
me to achieve more
O I make events happen rather than wait for
them to happen to me
O I regularly attend seminars, training
courses and conferences to improve
Growth & Development score out of 10 –

Unfinished Business!
O I am in control of my own life and my own
O I could die right this moment with no
O I am doing what I want, when I want
O I am really optimistic about the future
O There is nothing I am dreading or avoiding
at this moment in time
O I have a plan in place to succeed in all
that I do
O I am implementing my plan
O I have the energy and drive to succeed
O I am not afraid of making mistakes or
failing at things
O I am now ready to give it all that it takes to
Unfinished Business score out of 10 –

Your overall scores:
Area Score
Looking after.
Unfinished Bus

Put your overall scores in the table
above and highlight the areas of your
life that need the most work.

Jot down below the top 5 activities
that you are going to start on
immediately. What jumped out at you
from completing the assessment?

So, what was your score?
Use the chart below to see what
success league you are in!
Points League
70-80 Premier League
60-69 Division 1
40-59 Division 2
00-39 Division 3

Premier League
For the elite clubs playing a very high
standard and reaping big rewards.

Division 1
Huge potential to jump into the big
league. Need one or two more
players to give it that final push.

Division 2
Playing to a good standard but are
underachieving. Need a new
manager to set tactics and strategy.

Division 3
Watch out or you could be dropping
into the non-league. Your club needs
a serious overhaul and massive
action to get it right.

You owe it to yourself to have as
much happiness in your life as you
can, do something about it today.

We hope you enjoyed this Life Evaluator and
that you stop back in and visit our site often.

Have a Confident and Positive day!


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