Esther and the secret of a long happy life?

I had the pleasure of meeting "Esther" (not her real name) yesterday.

She was dining at the table next to mine with three other people. You could tell that the four of them had not seen each other in awhile and was enjoying some great conversations and tales of their youth.

Esther's laugh would make me bring my head up and glance over at her. Esther's laugh was infectious and often sounded like a child's giggle. Every time she laughed, her eyes would light up with a brilliant glow and her smile was wide and friendly.

As I sat there enjoying my dinner I realized that my smile was a constant thing on my face and that my eyes kept wandering over to Esther's smiling face and beautiful eyes. It was becoming difficult not to stare at this beautiful woman.

My meal was now complete but not wanting to leave the presence of this amazing woman I decided to order coffee and desert. Now believe me I was not eavesdropping, I could not hear the conversations, but could hear the laughter.

Not really wanting my dessert I pushed it aside and toyed with my coffee cup further delaying my departure. Soon after my second refill, I noticed the three guests with Esther stand up. My heart skipped a beat before I realized that the three of them where headed off to the restrooms.

Feeling a little like a single guy in a pick up joint, I decided to make my move. Approaching Esther with a big smile on my face I introduced myself.

"Hi my name is J.D. and I was sitting at the table next to yours. I just wanted to tell you what a great laugh you have and what a wonderful smile that just makes your eyes twinkle.

Now I really felt an idiot, this was sounding like a stupid pickup line. But Esther put me at ease and introduced herself then thanked me for my remarks.

Being the lady that she is, Esther asked me to take a seat.

"Thank you Esther" I respond as I pull my chair over to her table. "So you're not from around here are you?" I ask, making it sound like another stupid pickup line.

Esther laughed with that glorious laugh and asked "J.D. are you flirting with me?" giving me a little wink.

Blushing a little I replied with a smile on my face "Esther I'm a married man, but given different circumstances and another era, I could be."

Now Esther's guest were returning and we made introductions all around. One was her sister in law and the other two were her children. It turns out that Esther was on vacation and came out to visit the family.

After some small talk and as they were preparing to depart I finally decided to pop the question. "Esther would you answer a question for me?"

With a smile on her face she looks at me and said "You want to know how old I am?" "I am 93 years old"

Esther must have noticed my eye grow wide at her response, chuckling she continued "Oh so I am to old for you is that it?"

"No Esther you are not to old and that was not the question I was going to ask." Again I was blushing and smiling like a little school boy.

I explained to them of my interests in self improvement and how I enjoy writing articles and sharing experiences and lessons on personal growth.

"What I wanted to know was your secrets to being happy and having a smile on your face all the time and now I also want to know you secrets to a long life"

"J.D. there are no real secrets to it, but I will share my thoughts with you and give you the short version."

"Make good friends, love your family, don't fret over minor details, never go to bed mad, think good thoughts, help others, keep a smile on your face, never stop working and" as she winked at me she said "flirting with young guys is what keeps me young"

At his moment her sister in law spoke up and said "You know J.D. Esther still works 40 hours a week as a nurse and won't retire because she enjoys helping people so much."

I then asked Esther if I could give her a hug.

"J.D. I thought you would never ask" and with that she, "Esther", this tiny 93 year young woman still working full time as a nurse gave me a hug as if I was her son or long lost friend.

The love and kindness that radiated from this woman was over whelming, I stooped and planted a kiss on her cheek.

Esther, bless you and I hope to see you next year!

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