Five steps to inner peace

Recently a visitor to my pages asked me this question.

“I just wanted to ask a very simple question, how can we have inner peace?”

So in my simple ways, I gave him the simple answer in my response.

“To answer your question in its simplest form:
Love yourself, simplify your life, live by good beliefs and have a good attitude towards life.”

Looking back on it this may have been the simple answer, but he may have wanted more of a response.
So here is a more in depth response.

Inner peace and how to attain it in five short steps.

1.Love yourself.

Loving yourself has to do with accepting who you are, what you are and what you look like. Stop rejecting yourself and putting yourself down.

If you cannot do that for your self no one else will either. Learn to accept that you do not need to look like others, that you may not ever be able to carry a tune or to paint a masterpiece. Beauty and talent is what is inside of you. Look in the mirror and love what you see.

2.Simplify your life.

Often times unnecessary worldly possessions can cause undue stress and internal turmoil. Do you really need that new high priced auto with all the bells and whistles along with the payments that come with it? Or would a car that is two, three or more years old rally meet your needs?

Stop trying to keep up with the Joneses and you will see that your stress levels will begin to subside. Be happy with what you have.

3.Live by good beliefs.

This could be as simple as the golden rule. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”
Be fair and honest in your business deals, friendships and relationships. Do not take advantage of others.

Fix what is wrong, be honest with yourself and others.

4.Have a good attitude towards life.

Enjoy life, your family, friends and your job. Don't let the little things upset you. Put a smile on your face and the world will smile with you.

If something upsets you, try to put it into terms of how serious it really is. For example is it as serious and upsetting as having a broken arm, a black eye, losing a limb or is it really just a little bump in the road? I bet most of the things would fall under the bump in the road category.

Try the old smile again. It is hard to stay upset when you put a smile on your face :)

5.Daily motivations.

Read quotes or inspirational messages daily. Write out your own affirmations and repeat them daily.
Visit any of the hundreds of self improvement sites for great articles and information.

Practice and begin to live by these five steps and you will begin to see the emotional turmoil began to disappear and the inner peace begin to take it place.

Have a great day and best wishes in all you do,


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