Stop cussing out the red lights!

Stop cussing out the red lights and start celebrating the green lights!

In other words stop focusing on the negatives and
focus on the positives in your life. When you dwell on the negative aspects of life
you can become depressed and discouraged.

Focus on the good and soon you will develop a positive mental attitude.
You have a choice on how you view life. Being positive can improve the
quality of your life and also lower stress levels.

So how can you keep a positive attitude?

1. Don't join in on others negativity.

2. Maintain a healthy lifestyle.

3. Get the proper rest you need.

4. Leave your work at the office.

5. Do a good deed for someone.

6. Read or learn something new everday.

7. Take up a new hobby.

8, Stop and smell the roses.

9. Beleive in yourself.

10. Work on you self confidence.

11. In every challenge, look for the positive lesson.

12. What you think you become - think of all the positive things in your life.

13. Surround yourself with true happy friends.

14. Be thanful for what you have.

15. Don't gossip.

16. Get up on the right side of the bed - choose your positive attitude as soon as you get up.

17. Enjoy a good laugh throughout the day.

18. Do whatever it takes - find a solution to the problem.

19. Use affirmations such as - "I feel healthy" "I feel happy" "I love my life"

20. Be the cause of your positive mental attitude.

"Don't spend your precious time asking "Why isn't the world a better place?" It will only be time wasted. The question to ask is "How can I make it better?" To that there is an answer. "
~ Leo Buscaglia

This list could go on and on and I would love to see it grow. Tell me how you keep a
Positive Mental Attitude.

Have a Confident and Positive Day!


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