Hasten The Change To Your Confident You

How can we hasten the change in our beliefs in order to build our confidence and self esteem? All our beliefs have been developed gradually over many years therefore it will take time to develop new beliefs. However, we can further the emergence of the new YOU by regularly repeating  positive affirmations.

We can also improve our confidence by using Visualizing techniques. You have probably seen or heard that when flight pilots develop new skills they use a flight simulator to do this. This is because the simulator is able to replicate exact experiences the pilot will encounter when at the controls of an aircraft. Similarly we can use our imagination to act as a simulator to enforce positive experiences and beliefs which we can then replicate in real life.

Take time each day to visualize yourself being the person you want to be. For example, if you lack confidence in social situations you may wish to visualize yourself walking into a room full of people shaking hands, smiling and chatting in a relaxed manner. Whilst visualizing this scene feel that friendly relaxed energy that you would like to enjoy, rather than stress and anxiety and sweaty hands you presently experience. Note your heart beating at a normal steady rhythm (not pounding), and feel the lovely inner glow you are experiencing when meeting these new people and smile and nod to verify your interest in what they have to say. You will be simulating an experience of someone you would like to be as though you already have these social skills.

Keep repeating these exercises across all areas of your life until you become that confident and relaxed person you have visualized. The more you bring all the feelings and emotions to the exercise the greater the improvement.

As you develop your self esteem you will find that you start attracting new and different people into your life and you will start thinking more positively about yourself and others. Next week we will discuss the importance of mixing with positive people. We will look at the people who will assist you in your journey to find the new confident YOU.

Attain The Ultimate Sense Of Confidence!

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Attain The Ultimate Sense Of Confidence!

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