How To Know If Its Time For A Change

Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees. Maybe you are unaware of or have been ignoring some signals that a change would create greater satisfaction in your life.

Here are some signs that a change might be in order:
  • The thought of changing makes you uncomfortable. Most times change is an uncomfortable process. It requires you to think and do things differently. There’s always some friction in the change process. Ask yourself whether your discomfort comes from a sense that this is not right for you or if you are simply resisting getting out of your comfort zone
  • You are unhappy with your current results. Are you dissatisfied with the results you are getting? We all know that doing the same thing over and over again will not produce a different outcome. If you want different, you need to do different.
  • You feel unenthusiastic, tired, stressed or discouraged. One or all of these feelings indicates that something needs to change. You might need to change what is on your plate or you might need to change the way in which you are doing things.
  • You complain. We all need to vent now and again. If you find yourself complaining about the same thing repeatedly, that’s a sure sign that it’s not working for you.
  • You have settled for average. Have you slid into a comfortable but not exceptional life? If you find yourself saying, “That’s good enough” or “I don’t want to rock the boat”, it may be that you have traded marvelous for mediocre. You only get one kick at this life, so you might as well make the changes that allows you to enjoy life to its fullest.
Thanks to: Laurel Vespi, certified life coach and chief executive guru of stone circle coaching, ignites businesses & individuals to new levels of CHANGE. Laurel works with clients internationally, providing unconventional yet practical tips that make the seemingly impossible… possible!

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