What is Self Confidence!

Confidence is easy to see in people, yet it is difficult to define and
visualize. It is also tough to measure self confidence in a person.

But a major requirement to success, accomplishing your goals
and happiness in your in your life is having self confidence.

Having confidence is crucial and most useful in all aspects
of our lives.

You owe it to yourself to grow your confidence and to keep on
growing it. To grow your confidence is a continual learning process.

Your degree of confidence stems from how you see yourself and
if you show your confidence others will also see it in you also. Your
confidence will be reflected in how others relate respond to you.

If you don't have a large degree of self confidence or self esteem then
it is most likely that you are focusing on your negative traits and what
you think you are doing wrong.

Don't be your own worst enemy. Change your attitude and you can
improve your own self confidence.

Even the most talented people we know had to grow and increase their
confidence in their talents and beliefs. How we accomplish this will vary
from person to person. But building and growing our confidence are
available to each of us. We just have to utilize our talents and develop

Gaining self confidence is what lets us have a positive view of yourself and our
lifestyle conditions.

Every self confident person believes in their own skills and abilities.
They believe that they do have an influence in their lives and that they can accomplish any goal they set.

Keep in mind however that being self confident does not mean that we will
be able to do everything. But a confident person will sure give it a good try.

People with great self confidence will still keep their expectations reasonable
and realistic. Even if they fail they will remain positive and true to themselves.

Those who have no confidence in themselves rely on the support of others to
be able to feel good about themselves. They often avoid taking risks because
they are afraid of failure and what others will think. Most never see themselves
as becoming successful.

These type of people often put themselves down and shy away from remarks
and praise given to them.

The self confident person is willing to take the risk of disapproval from
others because they believe in their abilities and themselves. The self
confident person accepts themselves and does not feel obligated to conform
to others standards to feel accepted.

Self confidence may not be a trait that we display in all aspects of our lives.
We may have areas that we lack some confidence in but a confident person will acknowledge that area and will try to grow and improve in that area.

Without confidence you and I would never be able to accomplish our goals
and dreams.

Continue to grow and build your self confidence by believing in yourself
and learning as much as you can about confidence.

Have a confident and positive day.


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