What type of attitude do you have?

People with a positive mental attitude are more successful, have more friends and are prone to get promoted faster than people with negative
attitudes. People with positive attitudes are generally more healthful and recover quicker from illness.

No one likes to be around negative people. Negative attitudes push people away from you and makes you less enjoyable to be around. Seldom will a negative attitude get you anywhere in life.

Negative attitudes breed negativity and contempt for the negative person.

Those with a positive attitude spread joy and happiness to those around them.

Try smiling more often and watch those around you begin to smile more also.
The attitude you give is the attitude you receive.

Positive attitudes don't always make your problems go away but it sure makes
them easier to deal with.

Give yourself this quick attitude check up:

1. Would people say you are a joy to be around?

2. Do you often speak more about the negative things in your life than you do the positive aspects?

3. Do people seem to avoid you? Can you count the number of friends you have on one hand?

4.Do you ever check the phone to see if it is working because no one calls you anymore?

It may be time to adjust that attitude of yours! It may take time to get used to turning
that frown upside down and getting rid of the scowl on your face but you and everyone around
you will benefit from it.

Remember, joyful, happy people with a positive mental attitude are healthier, heal quicker and live longer than those with negative attitudes.

Have a confident and positive day,


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