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We all have dreams in our lives and they started already in our childhood. We wanted to become the hero in the fairytale, superstar or fireman and so on.

It's healthy to have hopes and dreams because deep down in our soul they create faith in our lives. On the other hand isn't it healthy to believe that all dreams should remain just fantasies some part of that wish should be realized in one way or another. Some people's dreams become true and others stay as a dream because they are better off that way. But is that really true?

Is it healthy to live a life without hopes, wishes and dreams? Some people claim it's realistic but isn't that just another way to excuse yourself for maintaining low standards and little courage?

If we let our dream be a vision for our life to act and plan in that direction it's strange how realistic some goals or dreams can become. Don't be completely unrealistic though. If your dream is far from your present status you need a lot of resourcefulness and time and if it's close and just needs a shift of focus you might be close as soon as that is taken care of.

"There are no such things as unrealistic goals, only unrealistic timeframes"

Do you have a forgotten dream that has been suppressed for a long time? Take a moment to dream and just think about whom you really are and what you really want for your life.

Now you have to create a vision how that life should look like in a perfect world. It can still be pretty close to the dream version you just had like it's far in the horizon or shaded by clouds.

Next step is to make a clear goal close to that vision. This one is very detailed and specific so write it down and make a plan with a date.

Now you have your target and it's time to aim for it with a strategy how to get there. You have to think if you want to reach your goal with a big gun fast or with a simple crossbow. It all depends on your resources and time.

Don't be surprised if miss the target a few times before you reach your goal. We all need some time to adjust the sight before we hit the bull's-eye. But when you do your confidence will have a blast!

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