How to Gain Confidence

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Everybody want to live the life of their dreams. Some people feel that they are really far from their ideal picture of the dream-life while others feel that they are pretty close and still closing in.
To create and live the life you want it's important to gain confidence in the areas of your life that will get you there. You may have some really high ambitions and resources but without the confidence to meet your goals it is going to be challenging to follow through because you cannot do what we need to seize the things that rightfully belong to us and the future that we know that we deserve.
With confidence you'll get:
  • The respect that you deserve because other people will acknowledge you
  • Less difficult to contact new people
  • Prepared to new situations rather then intimidated by them.
When you lose your self-confidence, or you find that you do not have the confidence you need to benefitof the situation you're in, you can feel alone and isolated. Feelings of low self-confidence can make one feel worthless or as though they are not worthy of the possibilities for them. When you suffer from low self-confidence, it is important that you do whatever you can to change it. There are a number of ways that you can change your confidence levels over an extended time period.
Some techniques to gain confidence include:
  • Exercising More - When you are healthier and feel better about the way you look, confidence will follow. The more you exercise the more fit you will become, and some of the possible causes of low self-confidence will be eliminated.
  • Fake It - By faking self-confidence and forcing yourself to act confident even when you are terrified inside, you will quickly become used to the experience of acting confident in public and the emotions/anxiety that goes along with it.
  • Write Down the Positive - Often times low self-confidence is due to harmed/damaged self-esteem. Part of that comes from focusing on all that may go wrong in any situation. Focusing on the negative can make you feel worse about yourself and less hopeful for the future. Instead, try to change your approach by writing down all of the positives that come out of every situation, so you can see on paper all of the things that you haveaccomplished.
By following these bullet points you'll boost your physiology, mindset and language pattern and will get a completely different outcome. That will gain you confidence!
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